The priceless swing of an average golfer

I have spent countless hours working through hundreds of websites and video tutorials from the best golfing professionals on the planet trying to find the golden key to unlock my masterful golfing capabilities…

A lot of this helped me to improve my game, but I am never able to stay consistent enough to repeatedly perform well. I tried different clubs and a dozen different balls, reading up on the stats and reviews to the point of insanity. I consider myself an average golfer with a handicap in the lower teens, good enough to hold my own against my mates, but bad enough to slice the ball when deliberately trying to hit a draw. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

One thing that I did start to realize is that our bodies are changing all the time. This dramatically influences the way I swing a golf club which in turn changes the way that the ball travels through the air. Sometimes you do not even realize that something is different.

Every time a muscle in our bodies do not function to optimal capacity all the muscles around it starts to compensate for its lack of effectiveness. In this way our bodies try to keep the harmony of movement. It is wonderful for our bodies, but not so wonderful for my golf swing.

I am a fairly active individual and this muscle compensation becomes apparent when I try to swing a few clubs at the driving range the day after a session at the gym. If I exercised my legs, other muscles will try to compensate so that I can deliver a decent golf swing. This might cause me to start slicing the ball. If however I had a good shoulder workout I manage to draw the ball despite the fact that I changed absolutely nothing about my swing. If I play a round of golf and I slept on my arm or my leg went numb the previous night, I know that my golf game will be nothing short of ‘interesting’.

I do believe that you can achieve a level of consistency in your game if you devote your life to doing nothing more than working on your swing. For the rest of us, it will most likely be a constant battle of adjustment to suit the needs of that particular game day.

Hit a few balls on the range just before you get to the first tee and see what happens. Make a few adjustments and hope they work out. Hitting your first shot for the day with your driver from the first tee might be a bit unpredictable. It will most likely take you a few holes to realise what your muscles are doing. By then you have already played a few questionable shots and potentially lost a ball or two. It might even have cost you a few drinks in the clubhouse after the game, apologising to some of the other players on the course.

As a golf enthusiast not dedicated to the game of golf alone, I do believe that a level of good play can be maintained as long as you understand that you have to listen to your body. Listen, learn and adjust. Be honest about it and keep looking for that elusive repeatable swing.


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