Focus on your best, forget the rest

As humans we constantly strive to better ourselves. This is a very noble quest to undertake. The question you should ask yourself is to what extent. What do you gain and what do you lose.

The first thing that anyone will tell you is that you should know your limits. Understand your strengths and weaknesses. This is very empowering and knowing these things will certainly influence the way that you handle a situation or approach a certain scenario. Empowering as it may be, it can also be your biggest enemy. The difference lies in what you do with this knowledge.

Most people will tell you to know your weakness and work on it. Especially when you work in a corporate environment for instance where your boss constantly tells you what you need to work on in order to be a better employee. Think of your last performance review… I never understood this way of thinking. Become better at the things that you are not good at and this will supposedly create a more well-rounded version of you. In some way I agree, but this will create a very average version of a well-rounded you. You will be better at a lot of things, but you will not achieve greatness.

The things that make us who we are are the talents that we poses. This sets us apart from others and that makes us interesting. Know your strengths and only focus on that. By doing this, you take a piece of yourself that is already good and you make it epic!

Every minute you spent on making your weakness better so that it can become average is an opportunity missed to take something that you are already good at and make it your best. This is where possibility is hiding. These are the things that make us who we are and only when you are great at something can you help others to become better as well.

Imagine if Usain Bolt (the fastest man alive) had the mentality to become a good long distance runner because he worked on his weakness. He would never have become the legend that he is. Sprinting is something that he is good at and focussing his attention on taking this strength and making it better caused him to become a legend. Not only did he become the best he can be, but he is inspiring millions of people to become great at something. This is a simple example and the message is clear.

If you do realize by now that focussing on your strengths has a lot more benefit than spending time pondering about your weaknesses, you will also have to understand that being good at something is not enough in itself. Think about a boxer, if he is good at throwing a certain punch, he needs to focus on becoming the best at throwing that punch. Why you ask? Well, if he does not have the ability to throw all the punches in the book and his uppercut is what he relies on to win a fight, he needs to posess the ability to be able to throw the best uppercut in the industry. That is the only way he will win a fight! Just being good might win a fight or two, but if he truly wants to become the best that he can be, he needs to be better than anyone else out there, only that will set him apart…

Know your weaknesses and respect them for what they are. Know your strengths and focus all your energy on them. Take what you are good at and make it legendary! You owe it to yourself and you owe it to the world so that you can inspire others through who you have become.


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